President Barack Obama Cuba Luis Moro meeting

Luis Moro made history by being the first and only American to make a full-length feature film in Cuba since Earl Flynn.

In 2008 Moro personally gave the film Cuba’s Love and Suicide to President Barack Obama so Barack could see the real Cuba with his own eyes. Luis meeting took place during Obama’s democratic primary launch in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA.  (Luis notoriety in Crenshaw High School came from leading Youth at Risk Programs for Students for a Better Tomorrow with author/consultant Cornelia Flannery.)

Moro explained Obama how to win the Cuban vote in America, especially Miami, Florida.

 “Barack, you can win Florida by speaking publicly against the current failed U.S. policies toward Cuba” – Luis Moro

A few weeks later thanks to the invitation of Mavis Anderson of the Latin America Working Group Luis Moro personally gave Obama’s Senatorial staff fifteen copies of the film while Luis was lobbying against the embargo on Cuba for the Latin American Working Group of Washington, DC.

Moro conversations directly with then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, his staff and many other Congressmen and Senators combined with the efforts of other people, groups and organizations speaking out against the failed embargo on Cuba worked.

Barack Obama chose the people’s road of uniting Cuban families verse the historical destructive policies we currently have. This overwhelming favored public position was confirmed by his decisive election as The 44th President of the United States and again winning his second term in “October” 2012 with Luis Moro’s Planet Generation mail your vote campaign.

Abolishing the embargo on Cuba has additionally been proven to be the will of the people by the decisive victories President Obama had in both New Jersey and Florida; in particular President Obama’s victories in the largest Cuban-American populated cities.

“All humans are in politics. Your actions and lack of action are mere reflections of your politics. I love politics. I take actions to back up my vote.” Luis Moro

Luis Moro political work highlights:

Fundraising and campaigning for Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez when he was a U.S. Congressman, NJ.

Fundraising and campaign strategizing with U.S. Congressman Albio Sires, NJ. Both for Congressman Sires as a Congressman and Mayor.

During Moro’s tenure as Executive Director of the Hispanic Worlds Fair held at the NYC Jacob Javits Convention center Luis received proclamations for his contributions in the Hispanic Community from Governor Mario Cuomo Sr, New York City Mayors Ed Koch, Rudy Guliani, David Dinkin and multiple NYC Borough presidents, RIP US Congressman Herman Badillo NY, and U.S. Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez, NJ.

Creating and executing the 2012 Elect Obama Now campaign that gave President Obama the victory margin by a record-breaking early voter turnout in October 2012 before the actual November election. Elect Obama Now was Chaired by Actress Brenda Strong.