Thank you President Barack Obama for keeping your word with me on Cuba.

Thank you President Barack Obama for keeping your word with me on Cuba.

So much more could be said.  In short, when I met with President Barack Obama he promised he would end the political nonsense with Cuba that made absolutely no sense to him and 99% of the planets generation.  I personally gave him a copy of my film shot on location in Cuba. I later met with his staffer and gave them more copies for Barack Obama’s team to watch. I knew once Barack Obama’s staff saw the real Cuba with their own eyes. There was only one thing for Obama’s administration to do regarding the U.S. Cuba Embargo. Eliminate the senseless U.S. Embargo on Cuba policies every way possible.

This Cuba journey for many of us committed to an unleashed Cuba will soon be complete. A new planet generation will lead the world towards peace, love and a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

Thank you to all my friends, family, associates and strangers who never gave up on Cuba and so many others who kept our heads high, voices loud, and actions long over time.

Soon Cuba, Cubans, and the world will unite to create a world where we export-import education, agriculture, the arts, health, and all the other great reasons to be alive. None of those reasons include unmitigated violence and war no matter where anyone lives. This includes Cuba, The United States and everywhere else on earth.

We will all say “I Speak Peace” to live Peace in our lifetime.

Again, thank you President Barack Obama for honoring your promise to me and transforming our U.S. Embargo Policies towards Cuba.

I remain, “Committed to your Success”

Luis Moro

UPDATE New York Times Article: Obama Endorses Removing Cuba From Terrorism List