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The Cuba Film: Delivers a world that works for everyone – with no one left out.

I’m proud to say I personally met with (then Senator) President Barack Obama in Los Angeles back in 2008.  President Obama and I discussed how to win Florida. I shared some insights from my history of living with, working with, campaigning with and for, as well as raising funds for a few current politicians in office who are for this failed policies.

I then gave President Obama a few copies of the movie Cuba’s Love & Suicide. During that time our Cuba Film played for ten weeks in AMC Theatres beating out major studio films. The film gave me a first-hand experience and knowledge based confirming what so many of us knew. Most people do not want the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. But a few people in “control” force it upon Cubans, our nation and our Planet.

30 days later I met with and gave copies of Cuba’s Love and Suicide the movie to his Senate staff. I was gifted this opportunity thanks to an invitation to lobby against the US Embargo on Cuba given to me by true “freedom for all heroes” Mavis Anderson and the Latin America Working Group in Washington, DC.

In short, I advised President Obama and his Senate staff to “do the complete opposite” of what the pro-embargo people tell you do to in Miami.  As we shook hands to depart I said:

“Barack if you do the complete opposite of what they say you will win Florida, especially Miami by a landslide.”

President Obama did exactly that and he won Flordia and Miami by a landslide in 2008, and he won in 2012.

Today we celebrate another milestone for a future that works for everyone with no one left out. There are so many people that can be thanked. I consider these champions of the human spirit the Planet Generation.

Feel Cuba today. See and share the movie that brought the real Cuba to the White House. When you see Cuba’s Love & Suicide, you will be in the real Cuba. With real Cubans, experiencing a Cuba soon to be available for all worldwide.

The best is yet to come.

Luis Moro

See Cuba Today: Download Cuba’s Love & Suicide, the movie
Link: White House Video Obama on US-Cuba Embassy